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Meet the ONO 

Everyone fidgets. Whether it's tapping your foot, clicking your pen, biting your nails or something else, anxiety manifests in many ways. The ONO Roller™ is the perfect way to relieve stress, keep your hands busy, and put your mind at ease. Subtle, sleek, work appropriate and mildly addicting. You’ll wonder how you made it this far in life without one. 

Keep your hands busy.

Relaxation in the palm of your hand. Subtle, sleek, and mildly addicting. 

Let some sh*t go.

You have anxiety. So do we. Turns out this roller relieves stress and anxiety. So skip yoga. Or don’t. Do you.

Fidget in style.

Let's be honest, fidget spinners aren't work appropriate. ONO's, however, are made of weighted aluminum and manufactured to perfection. Your roller will be on point. We promise.

Up your productivity.

They say your mind works better when your hands are moving. And by they, we mean us. So by all means, keep your hands moving.