ONO Roller
25.99 34.99

ONO is a tool built for the workplace. It is silent, not distracting and keeps your hand constantly active without looking like you’re playing with a toy (or fidget spinner). By curling your fingers or lightly squeezing your hand, ONO will rotate and roll in your fingers. It’s ease of flipping within your hand makes it extremely satisfying to use.

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Vexus Wallet
74.99 84.99

The quick access wallet with a hidden compartment. Uniquely designed to swipe through your cards, hold cash, and protect what needs protection. Vexus Wallet™ is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. The outer body is finished with a scratch resistant hard anodize to protect your wallet from keys and other objects.

Please note- due to a recent name change you may receive a "Vessel" or a "Vexus" wallet

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